Spring 2020 Grading Policy

Special COVID-19 Flexible Grading Policy for the Spring 2020 Semester

(FAQ for all PSYCHOLOGY  students)

As you know, CUNY has extended two options for students for whom coronavirus and/or distance learning has impacted their performance and grades in Spring 2020 courses.

  • In the first, students may withdraw with a grade of “W” from a course (this is without impact to G.P.A) until the last day of classes, May 14th.
  • In the second, students have up to 20 business days after grades have posted to opt to change from a letter grade to a CR/NC (credit/no credit)NOTE: only A through F letter grades can be changed, Ws (WU, W, etc) cannot be changed.


If you opt for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC):

  • A passing letter grade will convert to ‘CR’ with credit for the class being awarded.
    For Undergraduates, “passing” means final class grade of  D or above
    For Graduate students, “passing” means final class grade of  C- or above
  • A failing grade (F) will convert to ‘NC’, with no credit awarded.
    Transcripts will show “NC” instead of F.   NC is functionally equivalent to withdrawal (i.e., no effect on G.P.A., no negative connotations of failure).
  • Credit/No Credit grades will not impact the student’s G.P.A.
  • Once again, CR/NC decisions are made after you know your Final Course Grade

Importantly, there may be circumstances where electing the CR/NC option may not be in the best interests of the student, some of which are described on the FAQ website: https://www.cuny.edu/coronavirus/credit-no-credit-policy/faq/


Psychology Department FAQs:

Q: Will a “CR” grade in a core, required course in the Psychology major be sufficient to count toward the major and for meeting prerequisites for subsequent courses? 

  • YES,  CR grades will count for the Psych Major (meeting all minimum grade requirements and prereq requirements) and for the Psych Minor.
    For example, a student who earns a D in Advanced Experimental can convert the grade to CR, and this course will count towards their graduation requirements.


Q: Will a “NC” grade count as an “attempt” in a course in which retakes are limited (specifically, Psych 1073/1071 and 213W)? 

  • NO, if you opt for NC instead of an F, it will not count as a failed attempt.  It will be considered similar to a Withdrawal, and you can retake the course without penalty.


Q: Do I have to notify my instructor in advance if I want the CR/NC option? 

  • NO, you can make this decision AFTER your final grade has posted and have 20 business days to make that decision.


Q: If I want to change to CR/NC, how do I do that?

  • Course grades will not automatically convert to CR/NC.  The change is optional, at the student’s discretion.
  • Students will use CUNYFirst to elect the CR/NC option.  The QC Registrar will send out instructions at some point in the future.   Neither your instructor nor academic department can change the grade to CR/NC, nor do we submit the request.


Q: Can I change my mind after electing the CR/NC option?

  • NO, per CUNY, once a student chooses to convert course grades to the CR/NC the decision is final.
  • Importantly, there may be circumstances where electing the CR/NC option may not be in the best interests of the student, some of which are described on the FAQ website: https://www.cuny.edu/coronavirus/credit-no-credit-policy/faq/   If you have questions about potential impact to financial aid, licensure requirements, and graduate school admissions, please consult with appropriate advisors.


Q: Is CR/NC the same as Pass/No Credit (P/NC)?

  • It is different, but works in a similar way.  Students are normally unable to opt for Pass/No Credit (P/NC) in their Major or Minor coursework.  The CR option for Spring 2020 will be accepted towards the Major or Minor.  And, as noted above, you have extra time (20 business days) after grading to decide if you want to opt in.

Have Additional Questions?  

  • If you want to know how your Financial Aid/ Scholarships will be affected, please contact a Financial Aid Advisor:  QChub@qc.cuny.edu
  • If you want to know how the CR/NC will affect graduate school admissions, you will need to contact an advisor from the CUNY programs and/or outside institutions that you are applying to.
  • If you have questions re: impact on your Psychology Major/Minor,  students can reach the Virtual Psych Office via email:       QC_Psychology@qc.cuny.edu

Questions that cannot be answered by office staff will be referred to make an appointment with a Psychology Department Advisor