PSYCH 772.3

PSYCH 772.3: Thesis Seminar: Neuroscience

2 lec hr., 2 cr.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Description: This course is designed for students who have had at least 2 semesters of research (may be in second semester) and have sufficient data to begin writing their MA thesis. In this workshop format course, students will write, share and critique each others thesis drafts with the goal of having a completed thesis by the end of the course.  The course will also help students prepare applications for doctoral programs, including crafting personal statements and development their CV.

Note: The neuroscience as a career series, 7742.1 – 772.3 is designed to help students learn about and acquire skills related to neuroscience as a profession, focusing on ethics (772.1), writing and communicating research/ideas (772.3) and becoming more familiar with the culture of scientific talks and social interaction (772.2).

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