PSYCH 709.2

PSYCH 709.2: Basic Neuroscience: Systems Neuroscience

3 lec hr., 3 cr.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

Description: This course focuses on neuroanatomy, circuits and functional systems within the brain.  The course will provide basic knowledge of brain regions and pathways, i.e., essential neuroanatomy, together with how these anatomical regions/pathways form circuits and systems to mediate critical organismal functions. Emphasis in functional systems will be placed on motor, sensory and homeostatic systems.

Note: The core Neuroscience series 709.1 – 709.4 is designed to provide a broad and rigorous overview of neuroscience, including molecular, cellular, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. The intent is to provide a firm grounding in neuroscience, including knowledge of the range of methods and research domains within neuroscience. All courses are designed to provide a comprehensive conceptual framework built on foundational knowledge. Each course will include application of basic concepts to addressing integrative questions about neurobehavioral adaptive function and associated pathologies.

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