PSYCH 355/356

Psychology 355/356: Practicum in Academic Advisement of the Psychology Major


  • 1 hour, 1 credit
  • Prerequisites: A minimum of four courses in psychology at Queens College, junior standing, and Student Personnel 200 (Introduction to Counseling and Advisement). This course is open to psychology majors only, and may be taken concurrently with Student Personnel 300 (Practicum in Counseling and Advisement) or as a third-semester peer adviser.

For the first half of the semester students will be required to meet with the faculty adviser one hour weekly to discuss issues such as the Psychology Department’s requirements and facilities, careers in psychology, and graduate training. In the second half of the semester students wilL spend two hours per week interviewing psychology student clients.


  • 1 hour, 1 credit
  • Prerequisites: 355

During the second sumester students continue interviewing clients two hours per week and participate in various projects related to advising psychology students, such as pollng faculty about research opportunities, collecting information about volunteer opportunities, and contacting graduate programs for information.