PSYCH 103. Pleasure and Pain. 3 hr.; 3 cr.

Course Description:

The psychological, philosophical, biological, neurochemical, sociological, and evolutionary facts, principles, and theories underlying the concepts of pleasure and pain. Topics discussed include basic neuroscience and psychology of pleasure and pain systems, application to homeostasis, pain inhibition, and addiction. Within psychology application is made to concepts of neuroeconomics, wanting vs. liking, empathy, and other aspects of human interaction. Translational implications are explored including psychopathological and neurological disorders and their treatment. Wider examination of principles learned from these basic mechanisms will be considered from philosophical, anthropological (evolutionary), sociological, and economic views, and include our understanding of these principles from literary, media, and other perspectives. Throughout the course, comparisons are made between classic and current theories and empirical data. (SW, SCI)