PhD Programs

The City University of New York's Doctoral Program in Psychology is divided into 14 training areas.  Three CUNY Graduate Center Psychology doctoral subprograms are based at Queens College:

Psychology: Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis is a training area for students who are interested in (a) the applications of behavior analysis to the solution of societal problems (for example, working in an agency serving children or adults with a developmental disability, in industrial settings that address issues of behavioral safety, or equivalence-based college level instruction); (b) basic research (for example, temporal control of behavior in pigeons and humans, equivalence class formation in humans, or the neuro-chemical substrates of addiction), or (c) both. Students are provided a firm foundation in the principles and practice of behavior analysis with courses that focus on the experimental and applied analysis of human and animal behavior, including behavioral neuroscience, and behavioral pharmacology. - See more at:

Clinical Psychology at Queens College

The Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology at Queens College stresses students’ professional and personal development throughout the course of training, with the goal of providing trainees with a broad and general educational experience that prepares graduates for careers as scientist-practitioners in Clinical Psychology that is enhanced with additional expertise in the role of neural dysfunction in behavioral functioning and psychopathology.

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Basic Neuropsychology

The Basic Neuropsychology track consists of a 60-credit curriculum emphasizing competence in research and teaching in the area of brain-behavior relationships and focuses heavily on neuroscience topics. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICANTS INTO THE BASIC NEUROPSYCHOLOGY TRACK. We invite you to look at the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D. program.

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Contact Information

Clinical Psychology Training Area Coordinator

Jennifer L. Stewart

SB A-312


Psychology: Behavior Analysis Coordinator

Bruce Brown

RZ 232


Director of Clinical Training

Joel Sneed

SB D314


Clinical Psychology Ombudsman

Joan Borod

SB A340


Department Fax Machine

SB E318


Graduate Programs Assistant

Danielle Lucania

SB E318


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