Joshua Jessel

Title: Assistant Professorjessel

Area: Behavior Analysis

Ph.D.: Western New England University

Office: 215 Razran


Office Phone: 718-997-3395

Research Description:

My current research interests involve (a) developing safe and efficient methods of assessing problem behavior of those diagnosed with autism and other related developmental disorders and (b) evaluating different function-based treatments informed by those assessments. The assessment and treatment process is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. In addition, my translational research in the human-operant laboratory is designed to analyze basic behavioral processes to improve behavioral concerns of social significance.

Selected Publications:

Jessel J., Ingvarsson, E. T., Kirk, H., Whipple, R., & Metras, R. (in press). Achieving socially significant reductions in problem behavior following the interview-informed synthesized contingency analysis: A summary of 25 outpatient applications. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Jessel, J., Hanley, G. P., & Ghaemmaghami, M. (2016). Interview-informed, synthesized contingency analyses: Thirty replications and reanalysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49, 576-595.

Jessel, J., Borrero, J. C., & Becraft, J. (2015). Differential reinforcement of other behavior increases untargeted behavior. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 48, 402-416.