Claudia Brumbaugh

Basic Information

Title Associate Professor  brumbaugh
Area Social-Personality Psychology
Ph.D. University of Illinois
Office Science Building D304
Office Phone 718-997-3250
Website My Lab ; BASP Training Area


Professional Activities

Society Memberships:
Association for Psychological Science
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Eastern Psychological Association
International Association for Relationship Research

Research Interests

My research focuses on uncovering the processes that lead people to experience similar thoughts and emotions across different relationships. The framework of adult attachment theory, coupled with social-cognitive paradigms, has been especially useful in guiding my research. . My research touches on questions such as the following: Do people’s desires for predictability and to confirm their existing beliefs sometimes sabotage their interpersonal growth? How do people select their social environments and what leads them to make those choices? What level of awareness do people have over their relational choices? How do people of different attachment types “fit” with their social environments and what are the features they value most in others?

Selected Publications

Brumbaugh, C.C., & Fraley, R. C. (2015). Too fast, too soon? An empirical investigation into rebound relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32, 99-118.

Hudson, N. W., Fraley, R. C., Brumbaugh, C. C., & Vicary, A. M. (2014). Coregulation in romantic partners’ attachment styles: A longitudinal investigation. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40, 845-857.

Brumbaugh, C. C., Baren, A., & Agishtein, P. (2014). Attraction to attachment insecurity: Flattery, appearance, and status’ role in mate choice. Personal Relationships, 21, 288-308.

Brumbaugh, C. C., & Wood, D. O. (2013). Mate preferences across life and across the world. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, 100-107.

Heffernan, M., Fraley, R. C., Vicary, A., & Brumbaugh, C. C. (2012). Attachment features and functions in romantic relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 29, 671 – 693.

Fraley, R. C., Vicary, A. M., Brumbaugh, C. C., & Roisman, G. I. (2011). Patterns of stability in adult attachment: An empirical test of two models of continuity and change. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 974-992.

Brumbaugh, C.C. & Fraley, R.C. (2010). Adult attachment and dating strategies: How do insecure people attract mates? Personal Relationships, 17, 599 – 614.

Wood, D. O., & Brumbaugh, C. C. (2009). Using revealed mate preferences to evaluate market force and differential preference explanations for mate selection. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 6, 1226 – 1244.

Brumbaugh, C. C., & Fraley, R. C. (2007). Transference of attachment patterns: How important relationships influence feelings toward novel people. Personal Relationships, 14, 369 – 386.