Full-Time Faculty


Department Chair: Robert Lanson
Acting Deputy Chair: Carolyn Pytte
Director of Clinical Training: Joel Sneed
Coordinator of Behavior Analysis: Sara Bauer
Advisor for General Psychology MA Program: Jeff Beeler
Advisor for Behavioral Neuroscience MA program: Jeff Beeler
Advisors for ABA certificate and MA programs: Sara Bauer
Advisor for Interdisciplinary Major: Ray Johnson Jr.
Director of Undergraduate Neuroscience Major: Ray Johnson Jr.

Training Area Key
ABCP = Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology
BA = Behavior Analysis
BASP = Basic and Applied Social Psychology
BCN = Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
CP = Clinical Psychology at Queens College

Name Research Area Training Area Office Email Phone #
Ackerman, Tsippa Neuropsychology SB A338 tsippa.ackerman@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3511
Alvero, Alicia M. Industrial/Organizational Psychology BA SB A308 alicia.alvero@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3212
Barahmand, Usha Clinical Psychology SB D302 usha.barahmand@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3245
Bauer, Sara Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis 299 Razran sara.bauer@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3561
Beeler, Jeff Behavioral Neuroscience BCN/BA RZ 364 jbeeler@qc.cuny.edu 718.570.0517
Bodnar, Richard J. Opiod Pharmacology & Pain-Ingestive Behavior BCN KY 139 richard.bodnar@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3546
Brumbaugh, Claudia Adult Attachment BASP SB D304 claudia.brumbaugh@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3250
Brumberg, Joshua Neurophysiology of Sensory-Motor Integration BCN RZ 297 joshua.brumberg@qc.cuny.edu 718.9973.541
Byrd, Desiree SB-A344 desiree.byrd@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3223
Caro, Yvette Director of the QC Psychological Center CP RZ 141 yvette.caro@qc.cuny.edu 718.570.0359
D’Ateno, Patricia Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis  SB A320 patricia.dateno@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3216
Fan, Jin Cognitive Neuroscience BCN/CP SB A310 jin.fan@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.4139
Foldi, Nancy S. Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia & Clinical Psychology CP/BCN SB A348 nancy.foldi@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3253
Hinton, Veronica J.  Developmental Neuropsychology SB A346 veronica.hinton@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3542
Jessel, Joshua  Behavior Analysis  RZ 215 joshua.jessel@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3395
Johnson, Ray, Jr. Executive Processes & Decision Making BCN SB A316 ray.johnson@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3241
Jones, Emily Autism & Down Syndrome, Clinical Psychology BA SB A334 emily.jones@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3206
Lanson, Robert N. Learning Processes BASB E304 robert.lanson@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3252
Li, Andrea Visual Perception BCN RZ 367 andrea.li@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3058
Liebovitch, Larry Dynamics of Molecular/Psychological Systems SB B322 larry.liebovitch@qc.cuny.edu
Mangiapanello, Kathleen Experimental Psychology/Learning and Behavior Analysis SB D314 Kathleen.Mangiapanello@qc.cuny.edu 718.9973.207
Nikulina, Valentina Childhood Adversity CP SB A344 valentina.nikulina@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3215
Nomura, Yoko Developmental Psychopathology BCN SB D306 yoko.nomura@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3164
Pagano, Concettina Experimental Psychology, Behavior Analysis, Child Learning. BA  SB A306 concettina.pagano@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3220
Pytte, Carolyn Adult Neurogenesis BCN/ABCP RZ 368 carolyn.pytte@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.4528
Ranaldi, Robert Drug Abuse & Learning-Motivation BCN RZ 200 robert.ranaldi@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3564
Rotella, Francis RZ 361 Francis.Rotella@qc.cuny.edu
Sneed, Joel Late Life Depression CP SB D314 joel.sneed@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.4277
Stalias, Maria-Effie Cognitive and Health Psychology SB A338 maria.stalias@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3251
Storbeck, Justin Emotion BASP/CP SB D312 justin.storbeck@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3227
Sturmey, Peter Developmental Disabilities BA SB A314 peter.sturmey@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3234
Unger, Kerstin Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience BCN/CP SB A312 kerstin.unger@qc.cuny.edu 718.997.3247
Weng, Shih Jen RZ 362 shihjen.weng@qc.cuny.edu



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