Re-Take Policy for PSYCH 107.1, 107.3 and 213W

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As of Fall 2018, students are only allowed to take each of PSYCH 107.1, 107.3, and 213w a total of two times. If a student took any of these courses in Fall 2018, that would be considered the first taking for all students (regardless of how many times the student took the class before Fall 2018).  Students who enroll in one of these classes more than the maximum of two times will be dropped. This policy applies to majors and non-majors. Psychology majors who are not able to achieve the required minimum grade of C in these courses after two takings of each course will need to drop the major, since these are required courses for the major. Any questions/concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the Psychology Department – SB E318.​


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New Policy Change for Psychology, as of Spring 2018


Students must enroll in Psych 1073 Lecture AND Psych 1071 Lab.

These are listed as separate courses in CUNYFirst. Be sure to enroll in both.

Psych Majors are required to earn a minimum grade of C in both.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

For Students who already took Psych 107:

  • If you already have a C or better grade in Psych 107:
    • Do not take Psych 1073 & 1071.  This would be considered a “repeat” because you already have credit for the lecture and laboratory course.
  • If you did not earn the minimum grade of C:
    • Psychology Majors are required to earn a C or better in Statistical Methods before taking Psych 213W Experimental
    • Because of the course number change, you must repeat Psych 107 by taking both Psych 1073 AND Psych 1071.

*If you have taken either Psychology 107.1 or 107.3 and did not earn the minimum grade of C, you would need to repeat that course number to get the C grade before you could go on to Psych 213W.

How do I enroll in Psych 1073 and Psych 1071?

Search for the new course numbers on CUNYfirst and add both lecture and lab sections to your “shopping cart”.  The classes are co-requisites (must be taken together), so you need to enroll in both simultaneously. CUNYFirst will not permit registration unless both courses are in the cart.

Psychology Department Registration for Spring & Summer 2019

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Special Group Registration for Spring & Summer 2019 begins on November 1, 2018.

If you are part of the following groups, please contact your respective advisors for registration information:   Macaulay Honors College, Honors and Scholarships, SEEK, HMNS, Athletics, Special Services, Student Ambassadors, and Student Leaders.  

Please keep in mind that limited seats are available November 1 – November 2 for special groups.

See your Advisor for important restrictions on 213W and Advanced Experimental (311-321).

All other Psych students:  Additional seats will be added to all courses on November 6.  Please register via CUNYFirst during the regular registration period, following the schedule below:

Academic Level Credits

(Earned + In progress)

Registration Date

(check the time on CF)

Matriculated Graduate

& Veteran Students

Monday, November 5
Seniors 90-120+ Tuesday, November 6
Juniors & 2nd Degree 60 –89.9 Wednesday, November 7
Sophomore 30-59.9 Thursday, November 8
Freshman 0–29.9 Friday, November 9
New Freshman & Transfers Monday, November 12
All Non-degree students

(Grad & Undergrad)


November 26

Senior Citizen Auditors Monday, January 21

Students register according to their academic level. The academic level is determined by the number of credits earned plus the number of credits attempted during the current semester.

In order to register, you must:

1)   Check your Student Center on CUNYfirst for your exact registration date and time for Spring 2019

2)   If you do not have an appointment date listed for Spring 2019, visit ONE STOP CENTER immediately. Summer 2019 is by open enrollment not specific appointment dates.

3)   Remove any holds on your account.



New Course Numbers for Psych 107:   Students must enroll in Psych 1073 Lecture AND Psych 1071 Lab.  These are now listed as separate courses in CUNYFirst. Be sure to enroll in both.

Registration in Psych 213W is restricted to students who meet the following requirements: •OFFICIALLY DECLARED PSYCHOLOGY OR NEUROSCIENCE MAJORS

Advanced Experimental Classes (Psych 311- 321) is restricted to students who meet the following requirements: •OFFICIALLY DECLARED PSYCHOLOGY OR NEUROSCIENCE MAJOR and are Juniors and Seniors

Students who have recently declared their major during the current semester are eligible as long as the major is listed on your CUNYfirst account prior to your registration date.

Students meeting these requirements will register on CUNYfirst during their assigned appointment day and time.

Please keep in mind that students may only register for ONE section of ADVANCED EXPERIMENTAL-*Any additional sections of Advanced Experimental on a student’s schedule will be dropped.*

Repeating Courses:  Students who intend to repeat courses are strongly recommended to speak with an advisor before doing so, as there may be Financial Aid implications.


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  • Enroll in PSYCH 372, Practicum: Intervention for children with autism and their families, for the Spring 2019 semester!
  • Learn how to implement and develop behavior analytic instruction for children with autism and their siblings.
  • Class will be held on Sundays, 9AM to 12PM.

Contact Dr. Emily Jones:


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The Queens College Psychological Center (QCPC) is a “safety net” clinic dedicated to providing mental health care to children, adolescents and adults. QCPC is operated as a training clinic for the Department of Psychology and offers the community psychological evaluations, individual, group, family and couples psychotherapy, counseling services, and a variety of group-based interventions including social skills training for children. QCPC is looking for a few energetic, creative, and mature undergraduate students interested in mental health and public psychology to volunteer as “QCPC Clinic Volunteers”.

Responsibilities include: Creating psychoeducational programs and enrichment activities for children, developing and implementing promotional activities, participating in community awareness efforts, helping patients fill out forms and measures, creating patient educational handouts, assisting with identifying resources for patients, reading to and playing with children awaiting appointments, engaging children in artistic activities in the waiting room, assisting doctoral students and faculty as needed, and helping with other daily tasks (xeroxing, answering phones, filing) at the clinic.

Opportunities: As QCPC Clinic Interns, undergraduates may have the opportunity to observe clinic meetings (e.g. case conferences), engage in mental health/psychology activities and as appropriate shadow psychologists and doctoral psychology students in their everyday clinical work. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in psychology/mental health professions to experience a behavioral health environment and gain a greater understanding of clinical work.

However, the most rewarding reasons to volunteer cannot be measured. Volunteers get to help other people and see the impact it has on them. Volunteering can help you gain valuable experience, get out of your comfort zone, learn new skills, and meet others who share the same values and interests. Other benefits include building leadership skills, learning about your potential, exploring new interests, and developing contacts in the mental health field.

Qualifications: Students’ qualifications for acceptance as a volunteer are based on the criteria below:

  • Students are required to be a Psychology major with at least 12 credits completed in psychology. Due to the limited number of positions, preference will be given to juniors and seniors. Freshmen and sophomores are welcome to apply and may be awarded a position if available.
  • Students are required to have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Students would have to be able to commit to at least 4 hour per week (during the hours of 8 to 7 weekdays) for one year.
  • Studentswould have to attend a monthly volunteer meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month during free hour
  • Students are required to attend an interview at QCPC to discuss their interest in volunteering.
  • Students who are fluent in Spanish or other languages are strongly encouraged to apply!


Application Procedure: To apply for a volunteer position at QCPC, please complete and email the “QCPCVolunteer Application” (attached) and a letter of reference to


Looking for participants for a study at CUNY Queens College

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Looking for participants for a study at CUNY Queens College
Eligibility to participate:
–       Queens College or Queensborough Community College students
–       Between the ages 18-25 years old
–       Fluent in English
–       Normal color vision
–       No history of epilepsy, migraines, head injury, or loss of consciousness greater than 5 minutes
–       No current (or history of) anxiety disorder, depression, psychotic disorder, or ADHD
Participation in this study includes:
–       $40 Compensation
–       Brainwave- electroencephalography (EEG) session and Interview/questionnaires (3 hours)
If interested or for more information, please call (718) 570-0568 or email


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There are new requirements which are effective for all Psychology majors who entered QC starting Fall 2013. The new requirement specifies a minimum grade of C in Psych 101, 107, 213W, and Advanced Lab courses even if the courses were transferred to QC.

A minimum grade of C- is required for all other Psychology electives. The major also requires that you complete two 300-level courses (in addition to the Advanced Lab course).

These grade requirements also apply to grades from ALL transferred Psychology courses. For example, if you received transfer credit for Psych 101 taken elsewhere with a C- or less, you will NOT receive credit toward the Psychology major or minor. You would need to repeat the course at QC to meet the minimum grade requirement. Ignoring this requirement can have serious consequences that may keep you from graduating.


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After subscribing to this email list, you will be signed up to receive official announcements from the Psychology Department at Queens College. All students are encouraged to join. As a subscriber to this list you will receive important announcements regarding Departmental/College-wide events, registration dates, and information about job and internship opportunities. This is a one-way list. Only faculty and staff may post messages to the list. Students should not reply directly to the list with questions.

Subscription instructions

Click here to subscribe. Please provide a QC CUNY email address (we will not accept any other email address). You will receive a “Welcome Message” confirming that you are subscribed. If you have any trouble signing up for the email list, please stop by the Psychology office and inform the Department Staff. You may unsubscribe from the list at any time. Instructions for unsubscribing can be found at the subscription link above.