Remote Advising

The Psychology Dept is advising remotely. Students now have two options if they want to declare the major or minor:
1. For one-on-one advising, you may make an appointment with a Psych advisor via EAB Navigate.

To start:

  • Either log in to Navigate (using your CUNYfirst credentials),
  • Or download the APP.

To make an appointment, select these fields:

  • schedule appointment
  • academic advising
  • academic planning
  • Psychology Department
  • Virtual/Online Appointment
  • Schedule your appointment time, and confirm

Your advising meeting will by via  Zoom.  The link to your meeting is under special instructions; please attend the meeting at the time you schedule on Navigate. Please join the meeting on your laptop computer if possible.

In preparation for your meeting:


2. For self-guided advising, you may participate in a Blackboard module which will allow you to declare the Psych major or minor.
  • Go to Blackboard
    1. Search for Psychology Advising in the Course Search panel
    2. click the grey drop down arrow next to the course ID and click enroll
  • Watch the video either for the major or the minor
  • Mark “reviewed” when done watching the video
  • In the table of contents, select the Quiz
  • Read the quiz instructions and launch the quiz
  • Save and submit the quiz, click “ok”
  • Review answers to the quiz, click “ok”
  • Click on Certificate of Completion on the red left menu bar
  • Click the print icon and print/save the certificate as a PDF
  • Email the certificate and your declaration form to
  • Declaration forms are available HERE.