Accelerated MABN-Requirements

Accelerated MABN


Degree Requirements

The requirements to complete both the bachelors in neuroscience or related discipline and the Masters degree are the same as for students not on the accelerated option. Below are the requirements for the Neuroscience Bachelors and a list of the courses that undergraduates may take in their senior year that would count toward both degrees:

1. Neuroscience Bachelors requirements

Same as the Neuroscience Honors Major except that graduate courses from list below may be  taken 4th year and applied toward electives for the Neuroscience Major and also toward the MA degree requirement.

  • 709.1 Basic Neuroscience: Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (3 hrs)
  • 709.2 Basic Neuroscience: Systems Neuroscience(3 hrs)
  • 709.3 Basic Neuroscience: Cognitive Neuroscience (3 hrs)
  • 709.4 Basic Neuroscience: Behavioral Neuroscience (3 hrs)
  • 704.1 Neuroscience Methods I: Statistics Research Design  (3 hrs)
  • 704.2 Neuroscience Methods II: Quantitative Tools in Neuroscience  (3 hrs)
  • 735 Perception (3 hrs)
  • 738 Cognition (3 hrs)

NOTE: for non-neuroscience majors (e.g., computer science, psychology, etc.), each major will have to be consulted on which graduate courses they would accept as electives that could count toward those undergraduate degrees. Generally these would be elective courses. Non-neuroscience majors may find this increases the number of courses they end up taking, but the advantage may be the ability to obtain a Masters degree in Neuroscience in addition to their chosen undergraduate degree.

2. Behavioral Neuroscience MA requirements

Can be found HERE.

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