Important Information

Fall 2021 Registration

Beginning next week, students will be able to register for Fall 2021.  Students will self-register via CUNYFirst.  Check your CUNYFirst account for your appointment date & time, and make sure to remove all holds prior to your registration date.

Please register via CUNYFirst, following the schedule below:

Academic Level Credits (Earned + In progress) Registration Date
(check the time on CF)

Macaulay Honors College, SEEK, Honors and Scholarships,  MNS, Athletics, Special Services, Student Ambassadors and Leaders

Please consult your  Program advisor.

All Experimental courses are restricted to grant priority to Senior level Psychology Majors(details below).

Matriculated Grad students Monday, April 12th
Seniors Over 90 credits Monday, April 12th
Juniors & 2nd BA 60 –89.9 credits Tuesday,  April 13th
Sophomore 30-59.9 credits Wednesday,  April 14th
Freshman 0–29.9 credits Thursday, April 15th
New Freshman & New Transfers and Visiting Students Friday,  April 16th
All Non-degree students (Grad & Undergrad)                   August 2nd              
Senior Citizen Auditors August 23rd


We will offer a “Senior Majors Only” Priority Period for all Experimental courses

  • Experimental Psychology, Psych 213W and  
  • Advanced Experimental, Psych 311 to 321  

If you are a Declared Psychology or Neuroscience Major with Senior class standing (over 90 credits), you can self-enroll via CUNYFirst on your appointment date.  

Psych 213W and Advanced Experimental courses will open for Junior Majors (60-89 credits) starting on Tuesday, April 13th.   Remaining seats in 213W and 311-321 will be opened to all students two weeks prior to the start of classes, Wednesday, August 11th. Class standing is calculated by earned credits + credits currently in progress.

Due to the popularity of our courses, getting into Psychology courses can be challenging. For this reason, we suggest three things:
(1) register via CUNYfirst, as early as you possibly can.
(2) if a course you want is closed, search for and seriously consider alternatives
(3) do not assume you can be overtallied into a closed course just because your graduation will be otherwise delayed.

All Registrations should be done by students via their CUNYFirst accounts. However, if you run into problems, we are here to help. 

For general assistance, email the virtual Psych Department at

To make a Registration Request (enrollment is not guaranteed), use the form provided here:

When placing requests, please respect the “Seniors only” priority registration period for 213W and Adv Exp which are intended to help ensure that graduating seniors get their final classes. Registration requests submitted by anyone but seniors during the senior only period will be summarily deleted without any response or acknowledgement.

Please do not register for multiple Advanced Experimental courses. We will check for double-registrations and when we find students registered for two AE courses, we will drop them from both without contacting them. You cannot ’save seats.’ The penalty for doing so is being dropped from both and put at the back of the queue.

Students are advised to check the course format, including class notes, very carefully when registering.   

Fall 2021 courses will be offered in the following formats:

  • Online synchronous: This course will be completely online but will include synchronous lectures/discussions with students. All meetings will be done virtually, at the date and time scheduled in CUNYFirst.
  • Online asynchronous: This course will require the student to engage in self-guided instructions scheduled by the instructor and will not include live lectures.  You will see “TBA” listed in CUNYFirst because there are no specific days/times listed for this type of course.
  • Online mixed: This course will contain BOTH synchronous components such as live lectures/discussion, as well as asynchronous components. The distribution of these components will be determined by the instructor. Check the class notes for details.
  • Hybrid  (some online/some face-to-face): The course will consist of a mixture of online and in-person meetings, with minimally one online meeting to orient students to pandemic procedures and restrictions