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Psych 372

Psych 372 will be in person for fall 2021!

We are looking for dedicated students who would love hands on experience working with children with autism and their siblings. Psych 372 is a one-of-a-kind class!

Students who are approved for the class will go through a 4-5 week training on essential techniques based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). For the remaining 10 weeks, you will be paired with a child with autism and implement ABA programs designed specifically for your child. You will see your child blossom before your very eyes with the very skills you are teaching. If you are interested in working with children, children with autism, or just learning, come join us for an experience you will never forget.

You must interview for the class. Don’t worry about this -it’s just so we can make sure Psych 372 is right for you and you have all the information about the course. 

And don’t worry about what experience you have or maybe don’t have. The reason Psych 372 exists is for you to gain experience. 

Check out our videos. to hear what students have to say  to see what the children have been learning and how you can be a part of Psych 372

We are looking forward to being in person for fall 2021. Though we may still do a bit of telehealth intervention like we’ve been doing since last year.

To learn more about the class, please email Dr. Emily Jones (at to schedule an interview.