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Need 1 credit to complete the Psychology Major or Minor?

Need 1 credit to complete the Psychology Major or Minor?

Enroll in a new, 1-credit Psychology course for Spring 2019 

PSY 281.1 (1 credit) – Ethical Issues in Psychology (K. Mangiapanello – instructor)

This one-credit, seminar-style course will expose undergraduate students to ethical issues that arise in the field of Psychology. Students will explore the APA code of ethics with respect to both clinical and research dilemmas with emphasis placed on ethical problems in research applications. Students will read and discuss classic studies that highlight questionable ethical practices in research settings (e.g., Milgram, Zimbardo, etc.).  Learning outcomes will be evaluated through class participation, group activities, written assignments, quizzes and a final examination.

The course is a “zero-cost” class in terms of books/materials as all required material will be provided by the instructor.

Enrollment is restricted to

Psychology majors and minors

with Junior or Senior class standing

Class meets: Thursday, 2:15 to 3:05 PM

Contact Dr. Mangiapanello to enroll: