Important Information

Psychology Department Registration for Spring & Summer 2019


Special Group Registration for Spring & Summer 2019 begins on November 1, 2018.

If you are part of the following groups, please contact your respective advisors for registration information:   Macaulay Honors College, Honors and Scholarships, SEEK, HMNS, Athletics, Special Services, Student Ambassadors, and Student Leaders.  

Please keep in mind that limited seats are available November 1 – November 2 for special groups.

See your Advisor for important restrictions on 213W and Advanced Experimental (311-321).

All other Psych students:  Additional seats will be added to all courses on November 6.  Please register via CUNYFirst during the regular registration period, following the schedule below:

Academic Level Credits

(Earned + In progress)

Registration Date

(check the time on CF)

Matriculated Graduate

& Veteran Students

Monday, November 5
Seniors 90-120+ Tuesday, November 6
Juniors & 2nd Degree 60 –89.9 Wednesday, November 7
Sophomore 30-59.9 Thursday, November 8
Freshman 0–29.9 Friday, November 9
New Freshman & Transfers Monday, November 12
All Non-degree students

(Grad & Undergrad)


November 26

Senior Citizen Auditors Monday, January 21

Students register according to their academic level. The academic level is determined by the number of credits earned plus the number of credits attempted during the current semester.

In order to register, you must:

1)   Check your Student Center on CUNYfirst for your exact registration date and time for Spring 2019

2)   If you do not have an appointment date listed for Spring 2019, visit ONE STOP CENTER immediately. Summer 2019 is by open enrollment not specific appointment dates.

3)   Remove any holds on your account.



New Course Numbers for Psych 107:   Students must enroll in Psych 1073 Lecture AND Psych 1071 Lab.  These are now listed as separate courses in CUNYFirst. Be sure to enroll in both.

Registration in Psych 213W is restricted to students who meet the following requirements: •OFFICIALLY DECLARED PSYCHOLOGY OR NEUROSCIENCE MAJORS

Advanced Experimental Classes (Psych 311- 321) is restricted to students who meet the following requirements: •OFFICIALLY DECLARED PSYCHOLOGY OR NEUROSCIENCE MAJOR and are Juniors and Seniors

Students who have recently declared their major during the current semester are eligible as long as the major is listed on your CUNYfirst account prior to your registration date.

Students meeting these requirements will register on CUNYfirst during their assigned appointment day and time.

Please keep in mind that students may only register for ONE section of ADVANCED EXPERIMENTAL-*Any additional sections of Advanced Experimental on a student’s schedule will be dropped.*

Repeating Courses:  Students who intend to repeat courses are strongly recommended to speak with an advisor before doing so, as there may be Financial Aid implications.