The Student Appeal Process


Student appeals related to academic matters are handled by the Undergraduate Scholastic Standards Committee (USSC).

All relevant forms for student appeals and requests may be obtained at the Office of the USSC in 201 Frese Hall or downloaded and printed from the USSC web site.

Students whose appeals are denied may resubmit their case to the USSC only if there is new documentation, which was not included in the original appeal or request.

Any further review will be considered only after a request in writing to the Faculty Chair of the USSC, who, in consultation with the Executive Officer and other USSC members, will determine whether the denial was in accordance with established Board of Trustees, College, Academic Senate and USSC policies.

If the Faculty Chairperson of the USSC determines that further review is in order, the student’s appeal will be submitted to the full committee or to a subcommittee for review.