Important InformationTransfer and Co-Major Information

Transfer & Co-Major Information

Course Evaluations

Transfer students are strongly advised to have their credits evaluated as soon as possible after they first matriculate. Those needing evaluations by the Psychology Department can submit transfer credit evaluation requests and upload their course syllabi and course description at the link below:

Credit Evaluation Request

Additional Semesters in Residence

Many transfer students come in as lower juniors. Because the requirements for a psychology major require four courses which can not be taken concurrently, and because transfer students in their first semester register last and thus can rarely get into a required course, transfer students are advised that it may be necessary to spend one or two additional semesters on campus to complete all the required courses.

Education Co-Majors

Education co-majors are particularly affected by this situation. Education co-majors should be aware that because the Ed department requires them to complete coursework before their "professional year", it may be necessary to spend one or two additional semesters to satisfy the coursework requirement in their co-major.

Graduation Procedures

Transfer students should be sure that they give the registrar a copy of their completed course evaluation form within the first semester of taking courses at Queens. This step will greatly facilitate the final approval of your course credits for graduation.