The Psychology Department​ offers a wide variety of courses aimed at providing students with an understanding of behavior, both normal and abnormal; some classes lay the foundation for a career in psychology.

The major in psychology prepares students for employment in such settings as residential and treatment programs for handicapped individuals, and in drug rehabilitation facilities, although a master’s degree is the minimal educational requirement for many professional positions. A doctorate is required to practice Clinical Psychology and many other professions in the field of Psychology, and is also required to receive New York State certification as a Psychologist.  Mental Health Counselors and School Psychologists are licensed in New York State at the master’s level, and master’s-level positions are available in industry and some research facilities.

At least half of the courses in the major, including the Advanced Experimental research course, must be taken at Queens College. Courses required for the major are offered every semester. Elective courses are offered either every semester or at least once a year. Students majoring in psychology are urged to avail themselves of the many advisory resources provided by the department. These include:

1. Advising: Faculty and Peer advisers are available in the Psychology department. Please check our Advising Schedule for walk-in hours.

2. Peer Tutors are available if you need help with your PSCYH 213W or PSYCH 107.1 and 107.3 courses.

3. Transfer and Co-Major Information





  • As of Fall 2018, students are only allowed to take each of PSYCH 107.1, 107.3, and 213w a total of two times. If a student took any of these courses in Fall 2018, that would be considered the first taking for all students. More information
  • Recent Update about the Memorial Service:
    The memorial service for Dr. Andrea Li of the Department of Psychology will take place on Saturday, May 18 at 11 am in the Dining Hall, Patio Room. A reception will follow. All family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones are invited to attend. Children of all ages are welcome.
    If you have any questions or require more information, please reach out to Alicia Alvero (alicia.alvero@qc.cuny.edu). More Information